Miranda Paola Camp - Saturday June 18th, 2005 @ 00:02 am
Ian Gray Camp - Thursday May 10th, 2007 @ 1:38 p.m.


The Camp's


As of this page creation:

Miranda is 43.5 lbs and stands 44 inches tall (unless you count hair)
Ian is 30.5 lbs and stands 33-1/4" tall
(unless you count attitude)

Ian's First Birthday


Cake ? What cake ?

Taking a break from the action
Ian and mommy
 Ian cutting his first birthday cake
 Blow out the candles !!
 Ian with Meemaw & Peepaw
Ian with Abuela y Abuelito 

Miranda's Third Birthday


Does it pass the taste test ??

At the park with Dad
  Miranda swings at the piņata
 Miranda shows off her cake
Batter up ! 
Time to open gifts !
  Where Miranda gets her great looks ! - The Leija women
 Our Pincess !
El Castillo de Princessa Miranda ! 
Mom with Miranda, Tia Oli, Ian and Meemaw

The Family Vacation in Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Ian, Miranda and Dad at the pool
Ian gets ready for Mexico !
Just happy to be at the bar :?
Dad with Miranda
Mari with Ian, Miranda & Vero   The island clan   Mom & Dad   Doin' what Ian does best
Tia Velia con Miranda on the ferry   Mom, Dad take Ian & Miranda for a ride   Abuelito and Abuela with Ian   Abuelo pulling one down with Ian
Admiring the peacocks at the resort
Taking the plunge !
Girls just wanna have fun !
  The Ixtapa Crew

Miscellaneous Pics and Clips

The Camp boys !
Miranda made dad a new fishin' hat :)
Dad and Ian
Heck with balls, this is MY basket !
Ian at Austin Children's Museum  
Basket cases ..  
Miranda plays at Austin Children's Museum
Just laughing it up !
Peepaw has backyard fun with the kids 
3 generations 
Dad takes a break with the kids
Our little biker babe !

Movie clips of the kids in action

  Ian and Miranda keep PeePaw Entertained     (33.8 Meg - 17 secs)
  Miranda and Ian playing on the swing     (52 Meg - 27 secs)
  Now who would steal broccoli ?     (28 Meg - 14 secs)
  Mom's first dance :)...     (45.6 Meg - 24 secs)
  Ian playing in the basket     (54 Meg - 28 secs)
  Ian in the pool with mom     (52.2 Meg - 27 secs)
  Samurai Ian !     (28.8 Meg - 15 secs)

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