Miranda Paola Camp - Saturday June 18th, 2005 @ 00:02 am
Ian Gray Camp - Thursday May 10th, 2007 @ 1:38 p.m.


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As of this page update (sorry it is long overdue):

Miranda is 50.1 lbs and stands 45 inches tall (unless you count hair)
Ian is 35-1/2 lbs and stands 37" tall
(unless you count attitude)

Ian's Second Birthday


I am two !

Ian and cousin Daniel   Ian at his Birthday party   Ian in the zone !   Shootin' hoops with the boys
  Happy Birthday Ian !
Mi Amigo Pablo ! 
  Ian with his gifts  
I am off to the Harley Davidson shop !

Miranda's Fourth Birthday

Miranda is four !

Maribel, Abuela con Miranda   Abuela, Miranda and Ian   Our gorgeous Miranda !   Besos para Abuela

Joseph, Miranda, Joanna and Tori splashing ..



Jacob and Miranda


  Ainsley, Miranda, Tori and Janie     Miranda, Jacob, Tori and Jaxson

Slugger Ian at bat



Miranda serving cake


  Jacob, Mom, Miranda and Joseph     Miranda's turn at bat


Peepaw giving free wagon rides 

Easter at Meemaw and Peepaw's

Miranda with tia Velia   Two beautiful women :)  
Madrinda Maribel  with Miranda
Ellie & Kata with Miranda
Miranda holds newborn Danielito   Miranda and primo Emeliano relaxing with Maribel   Miranda and Ian help uncle Tom   We have work to do !!
Ian helps Meemaw find easter eggs   Hmm .. giving clues ???   Ian and Miranda compare the days haul   Three generations :)
Miranda and Ian attack daddy   Ian catches Meemaw by surprise   Ian harrassing Peepaw   Team assault on Peepaw
Payback time !

Miscellaneous Pics and Clips

Kickin back at the folks house   Ian, Ganzi & Miranda playing   Mom & Ian   Tio Mere with Emiliano and Ian
Abuela sharing fruit with Miranda
Passing down traditions
 Passing down traditions part II
  The perfect tortilla
Ian, Danielito & Miranda playing
Having a swim at tia Maribel's
Being a princess is work ! 
Miranda smiles ! 
Besos para mommie !  
Meemaw teach Ian & Maribel how to butter corn
  Ian & Miranada having fun !
Splashing at the park !   Ian admires his beautiful sister at dance recital   Miranda and family at the dance recital   Meeaw and Peepaw with Miranda at her dance recital

Movie clips of the kids in action

  Miranda trolling for brother     (26.3 Meg - 14 secs)
  Miranda getting her haircut     (52.6 Meg - 28 secs)
  Ian helps Peepaw in the back yard     (54.6 Meg - 29 secs)
  Mom's first dance :)...     (45.6 Meg - 24 secs)
  Miranda - Happy Birthday     (79 Meg - 46 secs)
  Samurai Ian !     (28.8 Meg - 15 secs)

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